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Orange ball is a good starting point for new Junior players, although as the season goes on a pro may suggest a child moves up or down depending on their level.


Children must sign up for the entire session if they would like to participate.


If, in the middle of a session, a parent wishes for their child to join, it costs $20 per week for the number of weeks left in the session (ex. If there are 5 weeks in the session the parent must pay $100) 

  • For any exceptions, please ask Ben/Brooke 


If school is canceled or if school is sent home early (or after school programs are canceled) class for that day is canceled as well. This class will be made up at the end of the session or a credit will go onto the parents account. 


                                                                                           We Offer Day/Time                                                                               


                                                                      Orange Ball 1 (6-8 years old) Tuesdays 4-5                                               


                                                          Orange Ball 2 (9-11 years old) Tuesdays 5-6 and Wed 4-5


                                                                            Green Ball (12-14 years old) Wed 5-6


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