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This clinic is based on live ball games. It is our most popular clinic with many options. Show up, compete and have fun!

Rapid Fire

This is a stroke production clinic with drills. Players will hit around 100-150 balls an hour in this fast paced clinic.

Doubles with a Pro

Pro will play in and have a "general theme" for the clinic that you will be working on. Each player gets to play with the pro.

Coached Doubles/Coached Contracts

Hire a pro to watch your match or contact, they will give feedback and live advice while you play.

Singles With a Pro

Limited to one time a week. Challenge and play a pro in a singles match with the pro giving you tips throughout the match


We can work on whatever you want. From stroke production to strategy, our pros can come up with a plan to suit you.

Costs for Each (Based on 1 HR) 

***Players must sign up for each burn to join. Players are allowed to sign up 1 week in advance***

Burns/Rapid Fire

Doubles with a Pro

Coached Doubles 


Member Rates:                $17.50  (Private $20)pp                                      $25pp                                               $20pp                               $60 (private)

Non Member Rates:          $20     (Private $25)pp                                      $30pp                                                $25pp                              $70 (private)

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