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Fitness Instructors

Jill is thrilled to join The Outing Club and share her 25+ years of experience in personal training and nutrition services by appointment.

Her training philosophy centers around the belief that anyone can achieve their fitness goals, regardless of their current fitness level. By prioritizing proper form, challenging oneself, and engaging in activities that bring joy, individuals can maintain motivation, fitness, and overall health for life. Jill's expertise extends to coaching NCAA athletes, remote clients via Zoom, post-rehabilitation patients, and individuals seeking education on the significance of good form in their workouts and daily routines.

Jill is also available to provide guidance to clients on achieving optimal nutrition. Her approach is centered around consuming whole foods in moderation, while also emphasizing the importance of portion control and staying hydrated. Jill also offers recipe modifications for those seeking to improve their overall health and wellness. Her expertise extends to youth athletes, whom she coaches on fueling for performance and post-recovery nutrition.


Jill is from outside of Boston but is currently residing in Andover with her husband and Chocolate Lab.  Her daughter graduated from Proctor Academy May of 2022 and is now a two season athlete at St. Lawrence University.

Fitness/Nutrition Pricing

Buy 10 get 1 free Cards Available for Purchase 

                                                                                     Member                       Non Member


        Private 1 Hour                                                             $50                                    $60

        Private 30 min                                                             $25                                    $30


        2 People (Semi) 1Hr                                                   $40 each                           $45 each

        2 People (Semi) 30 min                                              $20 each                           $25 each


        3 People 1Hr                                                               $25 each                           $30 each

        3 People 30 min                                                          $12.50 each                      $15 each


        4 People 1 Hr                                                              $20 each                           $25 each

        4 People 30 min                                                          $10 each                           $12.50 each

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