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Dance Aerobics

Heidi has been teaching Aerobics here for more than 20 years. 

Offered Mon/Wed and Fri from 8-9, it is a great way to get up and start the day. 

It is more than just a class, it is a community of people looking forward to their workout

Fitness Instructors

Jill is excited to bring over 25 years of experience the The Outing Club and will be offering personal training and nutrition services by appt.

Her approach to exercise is you can achieve goals at any fitness level!  Proper form, challenging yourself and doing the sports you love will keep you motivated, fit and healthy for life.

 She has coached NCAA athletes, busy traveling folks via Zoom, post physical therapy rehab patients and anyone who needs education on understanding how important good form will help you navigate your workouts and everyday activities.


Jill also guide's clients on how to achieve optimal nutrition. Focusing on whole foods each day, and everything is moderation.  She educates on portion control, the importance of being staying hydrated and modifies recipes for those looking to improve their overall health and wellness.  Her youth athletes have learned how to fuel for performance and what foods best apply to post recovery.


Jill is from outside of Boston but is currently residing in Andover with her husband and Chocolate Lab.  Her daughter graduated from Proctor Academy May of 2022 and is now a two season athlete at St. Lawrence University.

Fitness/Nutrition Pricing

Buy 10 get 1 free Cards Available for Purchase 

                                                                                     Member                       Non Member


        Private 1 Hour                                                             $50                                    $60

        Private 30 min                                                             $30                                    $35


        2 People (Semi) 1Hr                                                   $30 each                           $35 each

        2 People (Semi) 30 min                                              $15 each                           $20 each


        3 People 1Hr                                                               $25 each                           $30 each

        3 People 30 min                                                          $12.50 each                      $15 each


        4 People 1 Hr                                                              $20 each                           $25 each

        4 People 30 min                                                          $10 each                           $12.50 each

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